Blooms Hostel Poznań

tel: 61 22 14 448

fax: 61 22 14 449

ul. Kwiatowa 2

61-881 Poznań


Located 250 kilometres from Berlin, 300 kilometres from Warsaw, 612 kilometres from Vienna, 440 kilometres from Prague, Poznan is closer than you think. In fact, it is centrally located within central Europe, and our Poznan hostel is in the heart of it all. We have championship winning football teams, world class rowing facilities, our very own ballet company in the Poznan Grand Theatre, various theatres, museums, renowned universities, international fairs and more. Poznan really is at the centre of Europe, and you can experience it all here.With a population of over 600,000 and growing, Poznan is becoming the destination of choice for not only business, but also for leisure. Why not come and see why we say “Poznan, I love you”?